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5 Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth for Your Event

Girls having fun with the Yellow Mirror photo booth

1. Photo booths bring the fun No matter the event, no matter the age, people love interacting with photo booths. With the right equipment and team, this fun-filled experience can elevate your party by allowing guests to express themselves in the silliest of ways and free of judgement. Photo booths are people magnets, and nothing helps your guests break the ice faster than sharing a magical, interactive “selfie” experience together.

2. Photo booth experiences are highly customizable Modern photo booths allow you to customize logos, prints, backdrops, props and even the booth itself to match your event’s look and feel, while requiring minimal involvement on the organizer’s part.

3. Today’s photo booths have awesome and easy-to-use features Photo booth technology has really taken off and now offers users an array of innovative features such as social sharing, gif creation and even custom animations and digital props. You want a photo booth that’s going to give you the most features with a simple and elegant interface, like The Yellow Mirror. An experienced attendant (or better yet two) should also be present to help move things along efficiently.

4. Beautiful photo booth prints make great party favors Albeit, we find ourselves in the digital age where printed photos are considered a thing of the past, it actually makes them that much more desirable. So whether it’s a wedding or corporate event, your guests will be ecstatic to snap a picture and remember your event forever with a custom keepsake.

5. You get the photos to cherish for years to come A photo booth, especially an open-air photo booth, is sure to ignite the fun at your event, but when it’s all said and done, it is crucial to have a way to remember all the excitement. Today’s photo booth rental companies should provide copies of all photos on a flash drive or via Dropbox; The Yellow Mirror can even create a stunning photo book for you to relive those unforgettable moments.

No doubt, there are many things to consider when choosing a photo booth rental company for your event. Ease of use, fun & experienced attendants and shareable photos should be expected but it’s not always the reality. Make sure to get in touch with the companies you like and ask them specific questions that are important to you. Check out one of our upcoming blogs for suggestions on types of questions you should be asking.


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