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Turns out, teenagers are the best Mirror photo booth-ers.

Sweet 16 props from The Yellow Mirror photo booth

Our most recent event was a Sweet 16 celebration. First, it’s worth calling out the really fun atmosphere of the event itself. Alivia’s parents did a fantastic job coordinating with the Wilmington Country Club to throw the most memorable party ever.

As for our Mirror photo booth, it was a true hit. Both friends and parents were lining up all night to take a selfie with our fun props and each other.

For this celebration, the birthday girl decided to go with our green screen backdrop option. For those unfamiliar, green screen is what every action movie uses when they need to add special effects or anything that can’t be created in real life without the help of a computer. In our case, after the Mirror takes a photo, the computer then removes the green background and replaces it with a digital background of your choice.

For Alivia’s Sweet 16, we created six different photo print layouts, each with four digital background options for guests to choose from.

The results were truly spectacular. Instead of posing for a picture at a country club, Alivia’s guests were taking photo booth selfies on the beach, under water, with flamingos, in New York city, Vegas and even Arches National Park.

But the main lesson we learned from thirty or so energetic teenage girls is that to have true fun all you need is a few props and a selfie taking machine, aka our Mirror photo booth. After a quick introduction to the interface (which is basically just like a giant smartphone), they were pros at using the Mirror and getting the most fun out of it. Just take a look at some of our favorite photos from the party.

It’s truly crazy, but we left the party more energized than when we first arrived. Teenage girls are a force of nature and we can’t wait to be invited to another event like Alivia’s Sweet 16.


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