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Top 10 Guest Favorite Photo Booth Props (The Yellow Mirror edition)

10. Inflatable Champagne Bottle

It’s so easy to get silly with a giant champagne bottle in front of our Mirror Photo Booths. Because every party is a cause for sparkling celebration!

9. Stick Props

Simple and iconic, stick props add a touch of nostalgia to the modern Mirror Photo Booth experience.

8. Ukulele

It’s even more fun when you know how to play it, although anyone can pretend in front of the Mirror Photo Booth.

7. Binoculars

Because sometimes you need to be able to see the cake table from where the Mirror Photo Booth is set-up. Take good care of that sweet tooth!

6. A Really Stylish Hat

A hat to make everyone look good. Now that's what we call photo booth success!

5. Microphone

Maybe you want to sing, maybe you want to scream. Either way, the microphone doesn’t work so we guarantee you risk-free fun.

4. Crown

Chances are, you’re feeling like a queen at this party. Everyone, say “Hail to the queen” on three.

3. Vintage Polaroid

A photo of a photo of a photo... This prop is like the movie “Inception” all in one Mirror Photo Booth experience.

2. Vintage Telephone

Hello? Can you hear me? The 1970s called and they want you to keep this phone. Thankfully for us, it makes a much better photo booth prop than a communications device.

1. Stick Horse

Everyone has their own reasons to love the stick horse prop. We don’t ask questions and we don’t judge. Enjoy responsibly.


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