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Black Lives Matter today and everyday. Fundraiser for NAACP.

We stand with our black brothers and sisters in the fight against racial injustice. Racism has no place in our society. We cannot stay quiet while our friends and neighbors encounter abuse and unfair treatment.

To show our support, we are starting a fundraiser for NAACP to help in its fight for a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race, and we hope you will join us. In return for your donations, we will be putting our photo printers to work to send you free photo prints!


  • Donate $10 and submit 5 digital photos to us for print! (Note: you can submit less than the photo limit). Add $2 to your donation for each additional photo.

  • Donate $50 for 30 prints

  • Donate $100 for 50 prints AND a complimentary scrapbook (only 2 available)!


  • Go to NAACP to donate

  • Screenshot and save your donation receipt(s)


  • Go to

  • Upload your photos along with the receipt of your donation

  • Include your name and physical mailing address in the “Message” field

  • Put in the “Email to” field

  • Put your email in the “Your email” field (we will use it for confirmation)

Once you’ve completed these steps, be sure to share this post with your friends and family!


  • We are accepting a minimum $10 donation for free prints

  • There is no upward limit of how many photos you can submit. Add a $2 donation per photo to our minimum of $10, or donate $50 or $100 to get one of our larger print packages

  • The Yellow Mirror has no direct affiliation with @NAACP besides our wholehearted support for its mission

  • Photos will be printed in a 4x6 format. Light trimming may occur during print

  • Kindly don’t send backdated donation receipts. All donations must be made after this post is published

  • We will not print photos that feature offensive graphics, language or nudity

  • Please allow 2-5 days for photo processing before we mail

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