Top Six 2019 Wedding Photo Booth Trends

The 2019 wedding season is upon us, and now is a great time to take a look at photo booth trends that are taking over the wedding scene. After all, you want your wedding to be perfect, and so it's crucial to choose the best photo booth entertainment to make sure your guests remember your big day as one of the best days of their lives.

Without further ado, let's take a look at top 2019 wedding photo booth trends:


Photo booths are a great way to add more fun to your big day. And if your wedding budget currently doesn't include photo booth entertainment, you may want to reconsider. Think about it this way: photo booth prints make fantastic wedding favors. Redirecting some of the funds you were going to spend on mostly useless trinkets, such as coasters or wine glasses, to custom-designed photo booth prints is a smart idea if you are looking for a truly personalized gift.

"We were going to order coasters with our names on them as wedding favors, but then remembered my friend who complained that her guests didn't take home most of their favors. So she was stuck with a box of wine openers after the wedding which ended up at Goodwill a year later. That's why we decided to use photo booth prints as our wedding favors. They are as personalized as it gets, and our guests loved taking home photos of themselves to remember our wedding day. Sofya from The Yellow Mirror actually suggested it, and we are so happy we listened to her advice! Best decision ever." - Laura Dunn


When thinking about photo booths, most people picture an old-school, boardwalk-style booth which spits out two photo strips of questionable quality. The outside of such photo booth is a boxy construction that makes any event space look and feel awkward, if not tacky. No wonder, enclosed photo booths are the cheapest option available to couples.

Thankfully, advances in photo booth technology give brides and grooms alike a chance to step away from the ugly and choose something more stylish (and fun!) for their big day.

The Yellow Mirror booth is the best example of this trend. Its modern look and touchscreen features make a fantastic addition to every wedding; and its custom-designed, high-quality prints make your wedding favors feel that much more premium.


Along the lines of the previous trend, the enclosed style photo booths are slowly going away. They are big, bulky and, let's be honest, a bit creepy since no one can see what the heck is going on in them. We won't even mention how bad some of them smell on the inside (oh wait, we just did).

The Yellow Mirror booth, on the other hand, engages your guests from afar with its vibrant animations and beautiful presence in the room. It's impossible to miss the astounding full-length mirror inviting you to take a picture or three. And trust us, even people who hate taking photos, love the Mirror. There's something about being able to see your reflection and looking perfect in every shot that makes even the pickiest of people fall in love with the Mirror photo booth.