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The Yellow Mirror brings the fun to the Black & White Gala

The Yellow Mirror photo booth brings the fun to the Chestnut Hill Gala

On Saturday, October 6th, The Yellow Mirror photo booth had the pleasure of being a part of the Chestnut Hill Black & White Gala. Organized by the Chestnut Hill Community Association, which is also celebrating its 70-year anniversary this year, the Black & White Gala is an annual fundraiser which makes so many wonderful events in the Chestnut Hill community a possibility.

The celebration was a huge success, and we are thrilled to say that our Mirror photo booth “made the night extra special.” Guests were lining up all night to strike a pose and show off their beautiful masquerade masks as our Mirror took their selfies. Everyone left with a keepsake print and photos emailed directly to them from our social media sharing kiosk.

Guests enjoying The Yellow Mirror photo booth at the Black & White Gala

“What I love most about running a photo booth is how happy it makes people,” says Sofya Piro, the owner and operator of The Yellow Mirror. “There’s something about using the props and taking a sequence of funny photos that makes people push beyond boundaries and truly let go. Everyone has a silly side, and our Mirror photo booth not only brings it out in people, it also captures it in a memorable way with a physical photo print. It’s not one of those staged photos with perfect smiles and photoshopped everything; the pictures from our Mirror booth show real emotions and true fun, and you just can’t put a price on that.”

The Yellow Mirror photo booth brings out the best in Philadelphians

We hope to return to the Black & White Gala next year. But for now, it’s time to get our Mirror photo booth ready for someone’s special Sweet 16 party.

Want to rent The Yellow Mirror photo booth for your event in Philadelphia? Get in touch today to learn more about our Mirror and its features.

“The Yellow Mirror photo booth is truly unlike anything else I’ve ever seen before” - Holly P.


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