There's a reason why they call our Mirror Booth magic. A full-length, touchscreen Mirror, it boasts vibrant animations, interactive features, colorful photo countdowns, and more. Swipe through the photos below to see the magic for yourself.


All of our photo booth prints are 4x6 and custom-designed from scratch (that's right - no generic templates here) to match your event to a T.


Backdrops to make every shot pop. Choose from an array of our premier backdrops or let us recommend one based on your event’s style and print design.

Have something else in mind? We’ll gladly work on a custom solution with you.


Everyone loves photo booth props! Ours include incredible vintage finds like cameras, faux furs and musical instruments alongside stylish glasses, hats and headbands galore.

Want something even more custom? Tell us and we’ll make it happen for you for a small fee.


For those who want to make things even more personal we go custom. Swipe through to see the a la carte upgrades.

What else does our entertainment package include? We’re glad you asked. Lots of amazing things, actually.

Unlimited Prints

When all your friends jump in the shot, everyone gets a print!

Two Booth Attendants

Who are also the owners of the company - because we care!

Custom LED Ring Color

Just another way we make the experience yours.

Email & Text Sharing

Because if it's not on Insta, did it really happen?

Multiple Print Designs

Who said you have to settle on one print? Let your guests choose their fave.

Unlimited Print Revisions

We're all about making it unique and perfect for you.

Online Photo Gallery

Because you'll crave those precious memories the second your event is over.

Studio Lighting

The secret is the the beauty dish. It makes everyone look fab.

Liability Insurance

The peace of mind you need on your big day.

Still have questions or ready to book?


Why should I choose The Yellow Mirror for my event?

At The Yellow Mirror, we don't just take bookings and pass you on to our attendant; we (Caleb and Sofya) are the ones who design custom prints from scratch to match your event and even attend the event ourselves - so there are no surprises. And if you think regular photo booths are cool, just wait till you see our Mirror! We'll let these quotes speak for themselves: - "This is the coolest photo booth I've ever seen" - "This is so much cooler than the photo booth we had at our wedding!" - "OMG! It's an actual Mirror!" - "I'm obsessed with this!" - "This is the future." Our Mirror is basically a giant touchscreen which gives your party a modern look and feel. Not to mention, our high-quality 4x6 prints (not strips!) make fantastic party favors. We got into this business to be the best and best is what you get with The Yellow Mirror.

Does the Yellow Mirror work in any other languages?

Oui, oui my friend. Our mirror is fluent in many different languages including: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and many more.

Will The Yellow Mirror print physical photos?

Absolutely! After all, isn’t that the allure of a photo booth? Our Mirror booth instantaneously prints 4x6 photos which we’ll customize with your event's theme and your choice of layout.

What about social sharing, email and text?

Most definitely! If it’s not on Insta, did it really happen, right? Every Yellow Mirror experience features a social media kiosk so you can share your unique creations instantly for the world to see. You can also email or text the photos to yourself.

How much room do you need to set up The Yellow Mirror photo booth?

We’ll need apprx 10x10 ft of space to set up The Yellow Mirror experience which includes the Mirror, backdrop and prop/social media kiosk table. We'll need even less space if you decide to go without a backdrop.

I want a backdrop with the photo booth, is that included?

Absolutely. All our packages include a selection of standard backdrops while our Premium package has a few higher-end options for you to consider. We also have a green screen which allows you to choose from one of our digital backgrounds or provide your own. And for those looking to customize even further, we work with some of the best local designers who are ready to make all your design dreams come true. From florals to custom-designed chalkboard backdrops, The Yellow Mirror has got all your best ideas covered!

What about props?

We have tons of themed, stylish photo booth props for every type of occasion. You are also more than welcome to bring your own or work with us on a custom solution.

Can I wrap the mirror in my company’s branding?

You can and you should. In fact, The Yellow Mirror is a perfect marketing activation tool. Not only will we wrap the Mirror booth in your branding, we'll also work with you to customize everything from prints and backdrops to social posts. Let your guests do the advertising for you as they share authentic, branded content across the web. Call us for details and pricing - (215) 929-8183.

Is The Yellow Mirror user-friendly for all ages?

Much more than any other photo booth out there! In fact, we believe that The Yellow Mirror is the best photo booth choice for every age group due to its extremely simple and familiar interafce and touchscreen design.

How much time does the set up & break down take?

We need about an hour to set up and break down The Yellow Mirror photo booth. But don’t worry, this time is included in the event fee.

How far will you travel with the Yellow Mirror photo booth?

We are located in Philadelphia and will travel up to 50 miles in either direction from the city. Anything further, we'll charge a nominal, per-mile fee.

My event is outdoors. Can The Yellow Mirror be placed outside?

Our Mirror photo booth is outdoor-friendly as long as the weather is clear. When rain is in the forecast, the mirror has to be set up under a cover provided by the client. In case of extreme weather, we'll work with you on finding the right solution for your event.

And who are you guys anyway?

Hi! We are Sofya and Caleb, a couple in our late twenties, living in the best city on earth - Philadelphia. Sofya has an extensive background in hospitality and client account management which means you can expect top-notch customer service and prompt communication at every turn. Caleb also has experience in hospitality as well as photography, and he is ready to create stunning memories for your guests. Together, we bring great energy and positive vibes to every event. Get in touch today to book the Yellow Mirror for your event!

How much does a Mirror photo booth rental cost?

Our goal is to provide you with an experience unlike any other. From custom print designs to beautiful backdrops and themed props, we strive to give you and your guests the most memorable photo booth entertainment ever.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality service and products and our cost reflects that. Our packages start at $849 to fit different budgets depending on the level of customization you desire.
To get a price estimate for your event, please fill out our Contact form.

Do you have liability insurance?

Of course! We'll be happy to share a copy of our insurance policy with you or your venue upon request.

What is a Mirror photo booth?

The Mirror photo booth is a full-length, touchscreen mirror that engages you and your guests with vibrant animations, colorful countdowns and many other interactive features such as photo signing and stamping, filter overlays, custom print designs, voice guidance, gifs & boomerangs, games and more. The Mirror photo booth is by far the coolest photo booth on the market today. the yellow mirror photo booth at a wedding in philadelphia

Where is the Mirror booth manufactured?

Our Mirror booth (Mirror Me) was manufactured in the USA, specifically in Connecticut, by Foto Master - America's leading manufacturer of digital and interactive entertainment equipment. As with any great product, there are now many knock-offs available under the same "Mirror booth" name. Make sure to always check with your photo booth vendor whether they have the original Mirror Me booth or not. Knock-offs may look similar but don't even come close to the quality and interactivity of the original Mirror Me by Foto Master.

Where is the camera?

Good question; after all, our Mirror booth looks like an ordinary mirror, so it's not uncommon for our clients to ask about the location and type of camera used. To ensure the highest-quality photos for our clients, we use a professional, DSLR Canon camera which is located inside of the Mirror. The reflective front of the Mirror is actually one of those materials you'd see in a James Bond movie where people see their reflection on one side with the plexi glass being transparent on the other side.