There's a reason why they call our Mirror Booth magic. A full-length, touchscreen Mirror, it boasts vibrant animations, interactive features, colorful photo countdowns, and more. Swipe through the photos below to see the magic for yourself.


All of our photo booth prints are 4x6 and custom-designed from scratch (that's right - no generic templates here) to match your event to a T.


Backdrops to make every shot pop. Choose from an array of our premier backdrops or let us recommend one based on your event’s style and print design.

Have something else in mind? We’ll gladly work on a custom solution with you.


Everyone loves photo booth props! Ours include incredible vintage finds like cameras, faux furs and musical instruments alongside stylish glasses, hats and headbands galore.

Want something even more custom? Tell us and we’ll make it happen for you for a small fee.


For those who want to make things even more personal we go custom. Swipe through to see the a la carte upgrades.

What else does our entertainment package include? We’re glad you asked. Lots of amazing things, actually.

Friendly Booth Attendants

To make sure all your guests have a great time.

Two Booth Attendants

Who are also the owners of the company - because we care!

Custom LED Ring Color

Just another way we make the experience yours.

Photo Texting

Because if it's not on Insta, did it really happen?

Multiple Print Designs

Who said you have to settle on one print? Let your guests choose their fave.

Unlimited Print Revisions

We're all about making it unique and perfect for you.

Online Photo Gallery

Because you'll crave those precious memories the second your event is over.

Studio Lighting