Green Practices and Social Responsibility

When we started The Yellow Mirror photo booth, understanding and minimizing our environmental impact was one of our top priorities. In our personal lives, we place importance on reducing our carbon footprint and wanted to make sure we translated these values into our business, too.

To celebrate Earth Day and Green Week Philly, we want to show the world that there are many ways to be sustainable and green, even when running a business that depends on electricity, prints and props.

So, here are the five ways The Yellow Mirror photo booth reduces its carbon footprint and supports local and international communities dedicated to preserving our planet:

*image courtesy of City Switch

1. Carbon offsets

Google defines carbon offset as ”an action intended to compensate for the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of industrial or other human activity.” In short, we pay for our emissions.

While our business can’t operate without electricity or our van (at least, for now), we are offsetting our impact on the environment by supporting organizations like Cool Earth whose mission is to protect the rainforest (did you know that rainforests generate 1/5 of the world’s oxygen?!).

At the end of each calendar year, we calculate our impact by adding up the miles and electricity used, and make a donation.

Our clients (yes, you!) help too! $15 from each Yellow Mirror booking goes towards carbon offsets and organizations like Cool Earth. This amount may not seem like a lot, but its impact is priceless and vital to our future.

2. A more sustainable printer

Needless to say, The Yellow Mirror photo booth wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for printed photos. People of all ages (and their moms!) love them because they make fantastic party favors and memorable keepsakes.

To ensure the carbon footprint from prints is as minimal as possible, we chose the DNP DS-RX1 printer which consumes an astonishing 25% less power - in peak, idle and running modes. It’s a printer we and you can feel good about using.

And with how popular photo booths are these days, it’s safe to say, we all have a print or two on our fridge. But what to do with prints you no longer want or need? Unfortunately, photo booth prints are not yet recyclable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with your own ways to upcycle them! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on how to upcycle your old photo booth prints and photos in general. We’ll compile a list of best ideas so that your photos can serve a new purpose inste