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Why the Open-Air, Mirror Photo Booth is All the Rage Right Now

Photo booths have become a staple at every event, though the “booth” element is actually phasing out.

Admit it, who wants to go into a tiny enclosure that was packed with a mob of sweaty guys just a second ago? Not to mention, somehow, you never know where to look or when to make a face and end up with a strip of unfortunate mishaps. You try again and again, and it’s funny… but also kind of sad. Am I really that unphotogenic, you ask? To that we say: it’s not your fault. To that we claim: break loose from the booth!

Enter The Yellow Mirror.

The Yellow Mirror photo booth at a birthday event in Philadelphia

Though you actually don’t have to enter anything. The sleek, modern photo- and video-taking mirror sits in the open for all your guests to see and mingle around. It’s so big, it’s impossible to miss. It’s so interactive, it’s impossible to ignore.

How big is it you ask? The Mirror is a whopping 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide, like an oversized, full-length mirror that lets your guests confidently look their best in every shot. So whoever said that a photo booth can’t make you look gorgeous and silly at the same time, clearly never encountered The Yellow Mirror.

The result of each Mirror session is nothing less than stellar. The machine features a high-quality DSLR camera that produces stunning prints, digital pictures and quality video every single time.

Interactive features anyone? The cutting-edge mirror photo booth suits every modern party’s fancy with its:

  • vibrant animations and voice guidance to engage your guests in the most enthralling ways

  • smooth, touch screen technology to remind them of their favorite item in the world (“It looks like a smartphone for a giant!”)

  • photos, videos, gifs and boomerangs created in seconds

  • photo signing and emoji stamping to make every take truly personalized

  • social sharing of all of the above with your unique party hashtag

But what about the backdrop, you ask? Only the enclosed photo booth features a party-inspiring backdrop making every photo pop, right? Wrong.

The open-air Mirror photo booth works great with any backdrop of your choosing. Want to have a moss wall with flowers for your wedding? Done. Looking for a step-and-repeat format with your company’s logo? Done, done & done. In fact, for maximum impact, The Yellow Mirror can be fully converted into a marketing activation tool, from prints to social posts to wrapping the machine itself.

All in all, the open-air mirror photo booth provides an experience like no other. It’s large enough for your guests to look stunning in every picture, interactive and hi-tech like an oversized smartphone and fully customizable to match any event. If you’re still considering an enclosed photo booth rental for your event, stop right now. It’s time to step out into the world and strike a pose for all to see.

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